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Crossing - Apalachicola to Clearwater Gulf Crossing

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HEADS UP - below are two of our 'crossing reports' in both ..

   our 'bar chart' format as well as our 'dialog format' ..

   for additional crossing reports to the Bahamas check out


Gulf crossing 16 day outlook

Apalachicola to Clearwater or Clearwater to Apalachicola

Gulf crossing 16 day outlook

One Day or Two Day Crossing - Apalachicola to Clearwater north - dialog

One Day or Two Day Crossing - Apalachicola to Clearwater north - bar chart


Rim Route buoy report -  Gulf – rim route - dialog


Rim Route buoy report -  Gulf – rim route - bar chart

Crossing - Apalachicola to Clearwater


guidelines ..


Rim Route - example - can be a two or three day route ..

  leg A - Carrabelle to Steinhatchee .. example of route

  leg B - Steinhatchee to Crystal River .. example of route

  leg C - Crystal River to Tarpon Springs .. example of route


before your crossing - always watch the ‘local’ weather for any local storm cells that may pop up .. do a final weather check before you head out .. ie local TV, WeatherBug, etc .. once you are underway if you feel it it is too rough you can always turn around and head back .. much better than getting beat up .. 

before your crossing - always check out other weather websites ..

NOAA - https://www.noaa.gov

MarineWeather - https://marineweather.net

capeweather - https://www.capeweather.com/marine-forecast.html

WindFinder - https://www.windfinder.com/

Windy - https://www.windy.com/?26.608,-81.694,5

Buoyweather - http://www.buoyweather.com/

Marine Weather Center - Chris Parker - https://www.mwxc.com

PassageWeather - https://www.passageweather.com

WeatherBug - https://www.weatherbug.com


rent an EPIRB or PLB - https://www.boatus.org/epirb/rentals/


float plan - establish a float plan .. before you head out execute your float plan .. example http://floatplancentral.cgaux.org/download/USCGFloatPlan.pdf ..

before your crossing - starting about two weeks before your anticipated crossing we recommend that you start watching our buoy weather crossing reports looking for weather trends etc and for planning the timing of your anticipated arrival at the Apalachicola / Carrabelle area .. 


the morning of your crossing - check the ‘local’ weather one more time for any changes (isolated storm cells etc) .. and then you will be ready to stick your bow out .. if you feel that the conditions are ok for your boat and crew go for it .. if the conditions are NOT ok you can return and start planning for the next weather window ..



significant wave height - most all professional forecasts use 'significant wave height' .. it is the average of the one-third highest waves thus about half the waves will be bigger and half smaller .. the statistical distribution of wave heights follows a Poisson distribution (ie .. not a normal or "bell" curve) .. 10% of waves will be about 10% higher or more .. 1% of waves will be 50% higher or more .. 0.1% of waves will be 85% higher or more .. those numbers are for off shore locations .. in shallow waters the really big waves cannot develop ..” 

bumpy - wave heights above 1 foot to 2.5 feet ..

very bumpy - wave heights 2.5 feet to 3.5 feet ..

lumpy - same as bumpy except for a longer ‘per’ .. ie less chop and more rollers ..

doable - if the size and type of your craft is able to handle the wave heights and if your crew can handle the craft the seas will be doable ..


subscribe - if you are not getting our buoy weather reports via email you can subscribe for our free weather service by just click on this link .. “subscribe ” .. 


contact info

Marv Market - Marv’s Weather Service

2350 West First Street - unit 604

Fort Myers, Florida 33901 

cell - 239-560-1166

website - www.marvsweather.com 

website - www.deelightwebsite.com

Virtual Buoy Reports - our reports are based on Virtual Buoy locations that we have developed based on our years of boating experience and data that we get from www.buoyweather.com .. they use weather data from numerous services etc inc NOAA .. 
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